Expertly built, easy to use. 

Self-service online dealing has never been easier with our user-friendly NAVIPAY. Whatever your needs are, our intuitive API acts as a vessel for your global payments or foreign exchange needs.


NAVIPAY is a full-service, secure online trading and payment solution that offers:

  • Market access to real-time foreign exchange rates in over 120 currencies

  • Deal execution

  • Confirmations

  • Settlements

  • International and domestic payments. 


NAVIPAY provides direct market access to: 

  • Competitive FX rates

  • Segregation of controls with user specific permissions

  • Customised payment templates

  • Payment tracking

  • Multi-payment processing 

  • Exportable data for audit and other reporting

ACN: 615 699 888 | AFSL : 502711

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