Self-service online dealing has never been easier with our user-friendly NaviHedge. Whatever your needs are, our intuitive API acts as a vessel for your global payments or foreign exchange needs.

NaviHedge is a full-service, secure online trading and payment solution that offers:

Market access to real-time foreign exchange rates in over 120 currencies.

Deal execution.



International and domestic payments.

NaviHedge provides direct market access to:

Competitive FX rates.

Segregation of controls with user specific permissions.

Customised payment templates.

Payment tracking.

Multi-payment processing.

Exportable data for audit and other reporting.


NaviHedge is a secure platform, protecting your funds and information. We understand that client security and confidentiality is of utmost importance and we do all that we can keep you and your business secure.

NaviHedge is SSL enabled and uses Strong SHA-2 and 2048-bit encryption that ensures all sensitive information passing to and from NaviHedge is encrypted.

We are proactive in reporting on and managing our clients’ currency exposure and provide tailored solutions that suit individual businesses that require a bespoke approach.