Customised Solutions

Each client is unique, as is their foreign exchange objective. We appreciate this, so we do not provide a one size fits all solution, instead preferring a customised approach.


Our experts assess your objectives to provide you with custom foreign exchange solutions that are in line with your risk tolerance and will deliver sustainable growth.


Our streamlined, customised solutions are cost-effective while providing you with exchange rate certainty and ease of use, no matter what your objectives may be. 


We handle all your foreign exchange needs, from payable and receivable, to risk management.


Find out more about our foreign exchange risk management approach.

Cost-effective FX

Forward Orders

Foreign exchange rates are constantly fluctuating. Placing a Forward Order allows you to pin down a current rate for a future date. 

Standing Orders

To save you time and money, we offer Standing Orders. Our foreign exchange experts monitor the market for you so when the market reaches your desired rate, we will automatically process your order.


Our team can help you determine a suitable rate for your standing orders, so we can move when the market is favourable.

Foreign Exchange Options
Foreign Exchange Options provides you with more flexibility than Forward Orders by allowing you the ability to lock in a rate to use on a specified date without the obligation. This flexibility provides you with more protection from unfavourable movements within the currency market. 

SPOT Pricing 

Spot foreign exchange pricing is available over the phone or via NaviHedge, with delivery in 170 global currencies.


The spot rate is adjusted for the interest rate differential between the two currencies over the selected period of time.